Where it all began

Dare to Share was a not a planned charity, Marc Buhrer on his birthday this year decided instead of having a party he would rather spend his birthday helping those less fortunate and giving back to those in need. On the 26 March 2012 a few friends went to the Haven shelter and cooked for the Napier Street and Woodstock branches for over 200 people. Everyone who joined really enjoyed giving back. Once again we cooked for the shelter and as interest grew it was decided to work on a regular basis and we went bigger each time.

We got involved with Blikkiesdorp, a re-location settlement and with the help of Shoprite/Checkers put up a soup kitchen for the day where we served 650 liters of soup,  400 loaves of bread and over 1500 meals for infants provided by JMC. Stingray Group and Pick n Pay provided blankets for the community.

This brought our total meals served from the end of March to May to 6840 meals. To date we have served over 200 000 meals and over 14000 blankets were handed out and with the help of Samantha Laird (JMC) over R150 000 worth of organic baby food was donated.

We continue to cook at the Haven Shelter and due to the fact the we were growing so much we had to register as an NPO.

The board members are Herbert Bührer, Marc Bührer, Shane McConnachie, Tracy McGregor, Nick French and Anton Schutte.

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