Life on the Streets

Walk the Walk was an initiative arranged by Dare to Share. The concept of Walk the Walk was and will continue to raise awareness for the homeless folks of Cape Town by living on the streets along side them whilst documenting every experience from morning til evening. This meant we would eat what they eat, sleep where they sleep and hopefully be accepted into “their community” for the duration of the week whilst trying to uncover how, why, when these individuals were introduced to life on the street. More importantly, try figure out if they are aware of upliftment programs available to them through social development and if they actually want to be re-instated into society if they had a choice.

By taking part in this lifestyle we hoped to find answers and solutions as to what the outcome may be for these individuals who (many of them) did not have a choice resulting in them ending up on the streets.

The primary goal of this documentary was to raise awareness. The secondary objective is to create a demand for solutions from those in a position to make such changes and how best to help individuals, coordinate/assist other role-players and make a difference. We did manage to raise a lot of awareness, the response from the public was amazing and the amount of questions being asked now as to how to help.

Marc and Shane were on the streets for 7 days, Herbert Buhrer joing for 24 hours, Richard McConnachie, Craig Reid, Adam Lindberg and Nick French joined for 24 hours, Brad Bodsworth and Dene Botha joined for 48 hours. Thanks to Cape Argus, Table Talk, Tygerburger, Cape Talk 567, KFM, Mutha FM and SABC’s Expresso Show for hosting us and giving us the platform to reach a wider audience to help create awareness.

Now the real challenge begins . . .

Diary Entries


Away they go!

Begging pays?

Marc thinking

First Night

Day 2 AM – Diary

Day 2 Starts

The Scouted Model

Day 2 PM – Diary

Day 3 AM – Diary

We family together

Dene & Brad


Day 3 PM – Diary

Day 4 AM – Diary

Hassan Khan – The Haven

To Blouberg

Keep Walking

Day 4 Thurs PM – Diary

Day 5 Fri AM – Diary

The Street is a Drug

Day 5 Fri PM – Diary

Law’s a law

Day 6 Sat AM – Diary

Recycling Metal

I’ve got a mission

Day 6 Sat PM – Diary

Day 7 Sun AM – Diary

Final Diary Entry

A Special mention needs to go to Marcos Cruz and Brad Schaffer from Co-OpTV for their unrelenting hard work during the campaign

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